Why a Pearl Necklace is the Perfect Gift

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea or a birthday present for the special woman in your life, you can’t go wrong with a pearl necklace. A classic addition to the jewellery box for any jewellery lover, there is an incredible variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect pearl necklaces. Pearls are unique as they are not harvested from the depths of the earth, like most gemstones, but from the sea. A living organism produces pearls, which are then harvested at perfection with no faceting or polishing required making them an incredible natural beauty.

Unique in every sense of the meaning, there are various types of natural pearls, a wide range of colours and shapes, as well as the impressive variety of styles in which you can wear them. Whether the lucky recipient is more of a fan of minimalist jewellery or statement pieces are more their style, they will love to receive a pearl necklace. We can guarantee she has been daydreaming about a pearl necklace for years now, and here’s why:

1. Pearl necklaces are easy to style

There are so many ways to rock a pearl necklace thanks to their delicate appearance yet hardy nature. Pearl necklaces come in a variety of designs including pearl strands and single pearl charms, allowing for the selection of a bold statement pearl necklace or a more minimalistic choice. This versatility in style allows ease of styling with any outfit, whether a casual or a special occasion look. If you’re not sure what type of pearl necklace your loved one would prefer, consider a multi-coloured pearl strand necklace for a statement piece to pair with a simple outfit or a simple pearl chain necklace if she’s more inclined to wearing bold outfits with minimalist jewellery.

The ease of styling associated with pearl necklaces has always been one of the most desirable reasons to own one for any woman alongside their irresistible beauty. If there’s one thing that you never have to worry about, it’s where she’ll wear it – she won’t ever want to take it off.

2. Pearls come in nearly every colour

The lustrous sheen on any pearl you encounter will put a twinkle in your eye and a smile on her face. Along with the guaranteed sheen and shine, pearls come a large range of colours from a glistening white with subtle peach and pinks to a mysterious deep black with hints of green and blue. This diversity allows you to select a colour range that compliments her finest gown or favourite everyday look, providing versatility without skipping out on sophistication.

There are gorgeous multi-coloured pearl strands or stunning single white pearl necklaces allowing for various colour combinations to cater to personalities and outfit choices. Edison Pearls naturally exist in a diverse range of colours, such as light/deep purple, light/deep peach, pink colour, metallic gold, metallic pink, white and some even can be very strong grey, while one of the popular selling points for Tahitian Pearl jewellery is the pearls’ natural production of stunning blacks and greys with overtones of peacock green, deep blues and purples.

3. A classic jewellery piece with a modern twist

Classics are called as such for a reason – Pearl necklaces have been considered high fashion jewellery since as early as ancient Rome where pearl jewellery was considered the ultimate status symbol. Since then, however, jewellery designers have evolved the classic look to include stunning features such as elegant gold enhancers and stunning sterling silver chains to recreate the classic style with a contemporary look.

While these modern twists are being brought to the popular world of pearl jewellery, pearl strand necklaces are back in high demand, featuring in red carpet appearances and gracing every fashionable women’s daily wardrobe. The fact that they are so easy to style makes them a popular choice for women with limited jewellery collections looking for pieces with versatility and impeccable beauty, with modern twists allowing for impeccable design.

4. A Unique Gift for Her

Receiving a pearl necklace from your loved one is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to give a gift to her that she will show off to all her friends, a pearl necklace is the way to go. She will be able to think of you every time she puts it on and confidently talk about it when people ask questions about the stunning pearls around her neck. If you’re looking to for a gift for your mum pick a style that you think will help her beauty shine, or if you’re on the hunt for a gift for your girlfriend consider the jewellery she normally wears and work to complement that.

Regardless of the style you choose, she will always associate with you, which is why a pearl necklace is the perfect gift. You know that every time she sees it, she will think of you – job well done!

Each pearl featured on our pearl necklaces has been specially selected by our team for its vibrant colour, optimum quality and cut. This ensures that each pearl product is of the highest quality, making a pearl necklace the perfect gift for her to wear to that special occasion.

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