6 Ways to Wear Pearls

Erica Miller, Ikecho’s founder and designer shares her insights on transforming classic and contemporary pearl styles into super-chic statements.

1. Statement Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings make a bold statement, especially when adorned with good-sized pearls. Pair them effortlessly with a simple, well-cut black dress, a crisp white blazer, or a delicate lace top.

2. Mix and Match Your Pearls

Don't limit yourself to cultured pearls alone. Experiment by mixing in Baroque or coloured pearls for a dynamic and personalized look.

3. Layer Your Necklaces

Pearls are perfect for layering. Create your own signature style by layering multiple strands of pearls or mixing them with chain necklaces for added depth and sophistication.


4. Tahitian Pearls: Timeless Sophistication

In the realm of pearl jewellery, Tahitian pearls are the new black. Their deep, lustrous hues complement any outfit, making them a versatile choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear.


5. Pearls Beyond the Office

Break free from tradition and wear your pearls on weekends. Pair them with casual T-shirts and jeans to effortlessly blend luxury with laid-back style, creating a chic high-low contrast.

6. Reverse the Norm

Switch up your pearl-wearing style by draping a long strand backwards. This unexpected twist creates a captivating statement, captivating attention from both the front and back.


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Photos: Jodie McBride
Hair & make-up: Jess Berg
Styling: nikki yazxhi / bellamumma
Fashion: Mamapapa

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