Opals for October

A birthstone as unique and beautiful as October babies.

Opals are one of two birthstones associated with the month of October, alongside tourmaline.

They are symbols of confidence and hope, making opal jewellery a meaningful gift for any October baby, especially the Libras.

With any of our stunning Australian Made opal pieces, the wearer will exude confidence and be reminded of the importance of hope and resilience in everyday life.

October is a month ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Because of this, Libras are known to fixate on companionship and place a high value on physical appearance. Opals are a perfect gift for Libras for this reason – their beauty is highlighted at every angle with every glimpse of light changing the appearance of the stunning stone. Solidify your companionship with your Libra friend or lover with an Australian Made necklace featuring a stone as unique as your relationship.

The multicoloured nature of opals means that no stone is the same. The large variety of colours the stone comes in allows you to personalise your jewellery in a beautiful way:

Light Opals

Light opals are sourced from Cooper Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka. The most common opal, Light opals stun the eye of any beholder with brilliant reds, blues and greens intermingling on a light background.

Light opals are perfect for an October baby who can lighten up any room with their sheer confidence and sunny disposition.

Black Opals

Black opal is a natural solid stone and is the rarest and most famous and valuable opal. It is found mostly in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. The notes of colour that feature in the stones range from blue to red and are accentuated by the dark background.

This type of opal would be perfect for the quietly confident Libra in your life, who chooses their words so perfectly that everything they say has an impact.

Boulder Opals

With similar colours to black opals, boulder opals are formed in ironstone or sandstone rocks. Their individual beauty is commonly highlighted through freeform cuts. Each so unique and individual, there is a boulder opal for everyone.

For the proudly unique Libra in your life, don’t underestimate a boulder opal! Highlight their individuality and solidify your relationship.

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