Azure Waters Hook Earrings


Elevate your day with a touch of enchantment by adorning our exquisite two-drop earrings, featuring round Opal and Freshwater pearls. The Light Opal will infuse your daily routine with a mesmerizing radiance, and for an even more captivating look, consider complementing them with our Opal rings and pendants.

  • Metal: Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated
  • Pearl Type: Cultured Freshwater Pearl
  • Pearl Size: 9mm
  • Pearl Shape: Drop
  • Pearl Grade: AA grade
  • Opal Type: Solid Light Opal
  • Opal Size: 4mm & 5mm
  • Opal Shape: Round
  • Opal Origin: South Australia
The picture serves as a reference only, as naturally occurring opals and naturally formed freshwater pearls can exhibit variations in colour. 



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